Oahu, Hawaii

Travelers that are looking to go all out should focus on Hawaii. The island of Oahu has a variety of vacation rentals to choose from that will deliver all the pleasures of a Hawaiian getaway. Instead of shoveling snow, spend your days snorkeling and watching the sunset.

La Jolla, California

One of the best winter beach vacations can be found in La Jolla, California. This destination is located just outside San Diego and will deliver incredible views along with wide stretches of beach. Choose a vacation rental with ocean views to maximize your trip.

Galveston, Texas

Texas might not be the first place that comes to mind for winter beach getaway, but Galveston offers everything you could desire. Here you will find comfortable rentals, plenty of water sports, and almost tropical sunshine to make you forget about the freezing temperatures back home.

St. Simon's Island, Georgia

While many people seek warm weather getaways in Florida or California, there are many other destinations that offer gorgeous beaches. One great example is St. Simon's Island in Georgia. Here you can spend time building sand castles with your kids and barbecuing at your rental in the evening.

Naples, Florida

For some travelers, the best winter beach vacations are in Florida. One of the most beloved destinations on the Gulf Coast is Naples. Here you will find a variety of relaxing rentals. Although beaches can be rocky in places, Naples delivers plenty of pools, hot tubs, golf courses, and activities to make up for it. The Everglades are also nearby for adventurous travelers that want to discover local Florida wildlife.

West Palm Beach, Florida

On the Atlantic side of the state, West Palm Beach is one of the top destinations. Southern Florida delivers flawless weather during the winter, including warm days with no humidity. It's perfect weather for sunbathing, snorkeling, and falling asleep in the shade on the beach.

Key West, Florida

If you're looking for a tropical feel without heading to the Caribbean, check out Key West. This destination at the very tip of the Florida Keys is known for its relaxed atmosphere and frozen drink fueled nightlife. There are also some great attractions here, including the former home of novelist Ernest Hemingway.


Sometimes the best winter beach escapes are the ones outside of the country. When your cell phone doesn't receive any service, you can truly unwind and escape the winter blues. One of the best options is the Bahamas, located only 90 miles from Florida. With casinos, nightlife, and great restaurants, it's easy to see why people are so drawn to the Bahamas.

Puerto Rico

Another great spot to experience some of that Caribbean flavor is Puerto Rico. Choose vacation rentals here and a variety of beach activities will be right on your doorstep, from fishing to parasailing to jet ski rentals.

Dominican Republic

The best winter beach vacations are the ones where you don't have a care in the world. When you rent a beach villa in the Dominican Republic, you can enjoy the calm waters, golf courses, and great nightlife that this island is renowned for.