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  • Tampa Family Vacation

    Tampa is a Florida city that will cater to more active visitors, so prepare yourself for a holiday that's constantly stimulating.

  • Fort Myers Beach Family Vacation

    Arguably the greatest advantage to staying in Fort Myers, Florida, is the sheer abundance of excellent rental housing options that all overlook the gorgeous waters.

  • Sanibel Island Travel Guide

    Sanibel Island has maintained a wealth of natural wonders preserved by the island's environmentally conscious population. The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation was established in 1967 with a mission to protect the wildlife habitats and resources on a…

  • Sarasota Family Beach Vacation

    Yes, the beaches are immaculate and the sun is always seeking your attention, but there's more that make Sarasota stand out amid the Sunshine State.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Visit Fort Morgan Beach

    While these beaches are a bit of a secret compared to other popular destinations, that doesn’t mean that they are lacking in facilities. Quite the opposite actually; travelers will find a great deal of activities, restaurants, and entertainment in th…

  • South Padre Island Travel Guide

    South Padre Island vacations are filled with fun and sunshine. Located on the tip of Texas just 25 miles north of the Mexican border, the island has miles of white sand beaches on the crystal blue Gulf waters. Beautiful beaches, fishing, and spectacular go…

  • How to Choose a Beach in Galveston

    The city of Galveston is actually situated on Galveston Island, a narrow 200-square mile stretch of land located near Houston. Called the “playground of the South” for many years, this area is still known today as one of the best beach destinations in the…

  • Best Gulf Coast Beaches

    While surfers ride the waves in California, the rest of us can ride out the season on the best Gulf Coast beaches snoozing on a towel of pure white sand next to a warm, clear blue ocean half-read book in hand.

  • Things to Do in Gulf Shores Alabama

    Families flock to Gulf Shores for the warm weather, the kid-friendly beaches, and the many ways to play. Building castles on miles of sandy beach, zooming around five go-kart tracks, and chowing down in dozens of kid-tested eateries, kids and kid-at-heart …