1. Anse Source d'Argent - Seychelles

As far as best beach vacation spots go, it's impossible not to mention Anse Source d'Argent.

Everything about this Seychelles paradise is unparalleled. The Indian Ocean’s premier beach destination has been photographed countless times, but a postcard hardly does it justice. You don’t need photos, however, to remember this “Garden of Eden” (many speculate it’s the once-sacred stomping grounds of Adam and Eve). When you reach Anse Source d’Argent, time will immediately slow down, but your heart will race as you set your eyes on the beach’s breathtaking, and almost unreal, natural beauty.

2. Phi Phi Islands - Thailand

You’ve seen it in the movies, you’ve seen it in your dreams; why not see the Phi Phi Islands in person?

The distinct tropical islands of Phi Phi are refreshingly unspoiled and inexpensive to visit; they are the main reason – and often the only reason – beach lovers head to Thailand. Take a dip into waters that are sometimes turquoise and sometimes green; meet colorful and exotic fish on a daytime scuba diving adventure; and at sundown, have a few drinks with laid-back tourists and locals.

3. Ocracoke Beach - North Carolina

Ocracoke is not easy to get to, but that’s why you should get there – travel to the Outer Bank’s most pristine beach on a ferry, private plane, or private boat.

More than ten miles of clean, uncorrupted beach is host to the best fishing, sailing, and kayaking in North Carolina. Dolphins, turtles, birds, and even wild ponies call Ocracoke their home and they have little to worry about, as Ocracoke is nearly untouched by human development and pollution. With its swashbuckling history (Blackbeard the pirate met his end here) and promise of an authentic getaway for the world’s seashell collectors and sand castle builders, Ocracoke’s only challenge is to remain private and picturesque in the coming years.

4. Pink Sands Beach - Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach is the most aptly-named of these top beach destinations.

With 24 acres of island bliss and three miles of pink beach (courtesy of the area’s unique ocean environment), Pink Sands Beach is one of the best beaches, if not the best beach, in the Bahamas.

5. Poipu Beach - Hawaii

As far as beach getaways go, it doesn’t get better than Hawaii.

But of all the oceanfront adventure and beauty Hawaii offers, Poipu Beach is a shining, though curiously overlooked gem. Poipu Beach vacation rentals are great for families, honeymooners, and basic sun worshipers. From heart-pounding surfing lessons to scenic helicopter rides to enchanting discoveries under the sea, Southern Kauai has it all.

6. Caladesi Island - Florida

Caladesi Island split from Honeymoon Island in a 1921 hurricane, making Caladesi only accessible by boat or ferry.

Because of its remoteness, Caladesi is home to thriving wildlife (birding is a popular activity here), unblemished beaches, and easygoing beachcombers.

7. Boracay - Philippines

If you’re planning a lazy exotic getaway, try Boracay.

Dig for puka shells, get up close and personal with fruit bats in the Bat Cave, surf the wind and the waves, or just lounge around seaside.

8. Tulum - Mexico

Forget Cancun and Cozumel – they’ve been conquered by tourists.

Instead, find a vacation rental in Tulum and explore a mostly undeveloped beach, ancient Mayan ruins, and a charming village. Everybody’s carefree here; so carefree, in fact, that it’s not uncommon for sunbathers to ditch their clothes in pursuit of a great tan!

9. Coronado Beach - California

When someone tells you to fly a kite in Coronado, they mean it.

From kite flying to beach volleyball to surfing, there’s never a dull moment in this San Diego neighbor. It’s no wonder Coronado is the preferred stress-relieving setting for travelers. Coronado has been a long-time favorite among savvy beach bums everywhere.

10. Siesta Beach - Florida

The sandy shores of Siesta Key are the whitest and some of the most sun-drenched in Florida.

Siesta Beach makes for a cozy bed as you lie underneath a blanket of sun and read a good book or snooze away. Take in the picture-perfect Gulf of Mexico on an afternoon bike ride or beachside stroll at sunset! And do it on a budget with a Siesta Key, FL beach house rental.

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